Hello, ISU-USA alumni, it’s time to vote for candidates to the 2019-2020 ISU-USA board.

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A few notes about voting:

  • Voting closes: Monday 22 October 2018 (until midnight, Pacific time)
  • Valid voters: ISU alumni who live in, or are from, the US.
  • Email validation: Include your email on your ballot (there will be a box for it). We’ll follow up with you to confirm your vote. So your vote isn’t 100% secret to everyone—the election coordinator can see it—but it is how we’re validating that an eligible alumna/us has voted once.

Candidate info


Michael Laine (SSP 2008)

My career in space started in my early 30’s. I was part of a NASA Institute for Advanced Concepts research team. That initial project lead to my interest in the commercial developments of space. Through one form or another (under the Air Force, NASA, or commercially under my own company, or as a contractor/consultant to another program) I’ve seen space through a variety of lenses. It was SEDS, first, then ISU 10 years ago that focused my efforts in space.

My plan as President is:

  1. Connect our US community
    1. Restart the ‘regional hubs’ plan. Find local leadership to initiate this. Perhaps extend the SpaceCafe program that is so effective in Washington DC.
    2. Commit to everyone having – and wearing – an ISU pin. These are valuable, and underutilized, assets. If needed, we’ll get replacements for everyone. This is a valuable community-building tool; let’s use it.
    3. I know it’s boring, but one thing that needs doing is a revaluation of the originating ISUUSA charter; updates are probably long overdue.
  2. Engage our international partners
    1. Historically, the relationship between the main campus and the various alumni organizations is complex and often contradictory. I’d like to fix that. I think this can be addressed in a way that benefits everyone.
    2. Learn ‘best practices’ from other national alumni programs. Copy where appropriate. Also, expand our own ISUUSA best practices to other national programs.
    3. Especially connect to non-US nationals living and working in the US. This community has often been neglected; it’s time to integrate them into our larger ISUUSA community.
  3. For more information:
    1. LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/laineatliftport/
    2. Website: www.liftport.com

Mehdi Lali (SSP 2017)

I did my SPP in Ireland in 2017. I have been working as a software developer in the past few years specializing in astrodynamics and space systems. I’m an aerospace engineer and have two master’s degree in space studies and astronautical engineering from UND and USC respectively.

I am nominating myself for this position because I want to be actively involved with the on-going progress at ISU and assist others to benefit from the space community while exploring my leadership skills. I believe my 18+ years of work experience in space industry and research as well as my multidisciplinary background would help me to be successful in achieving my goals in serving the community as president.

More information about my professional career can be found on LinkedIn.


Daryle Elizabeth Lademan (SSP 1993)

Daryle Elizabeth Lademan currently serves as the Arlington, VA-based Director of Strategy & Planning for BAE Systems Inc.’s Electronic Systems Sector. In this capacity, she supports long-range strategic planning and market forecasting efforts for the sector, spanning businesses that operate in diverse markets ranging from electronic warfare to commercial avionics. She also supports the sector’s competitive intelligence and M&A activities. Prior to joining BAE Systems in 2010, Daryle had a successful, 15-year career in aerospace and defense industry consulting, where she lead or participated in hundreds of engagements covering market analyses, competitor assessments, policy and budget tracking, acquisition strategy development and candidate screening, and business due diligence. Daryle served as Principal at the Avascent Group, a leading aerospace & defense consulting firm based in Washington, D.C. She also served as a Director at CSP Associates, Inc. for nearly a decade. Daryle holds an M.A. in Science, Technology and Public Policy from The George Washington University, where she studied as a NASA Space Grant Fellow. She also holds a B.A. in Political Science from the University of Central Florida, and is a graduate of the International Space University’s Policy and Law program (SSP 1993). Daryle is active in a number of professional development and community organizations. She is a past-president of Women in Aerospace (2010) and remains active in Women in Defense and Women in Homeland Security. She is also an avid fitness enthusiast and a locally-competitive age-group runner with Capital Area Runners. She has completed 17 marathons (12 with Boston Marathon Qualifying times) – including Berlin (2), New York City, Chicago (2), Amsterdam, and Boston (3).

ISU changed my life forever – in the most profoundly positive way – when I was a student back at the SSP program in Huntsville in 1993, and then again as a teaching assistant in Barcelona in 1994, and a project assistant Stockholm in 1995. I made life long friends and developed an open-mindedness on culture and the value of diversity that has stayed with me my entire adult life. Although my career only tangentially touches on space these days, I find myself applying the multi-disciplinary, multi-cultural lessons I learned at ISU on a regular basis. I view using some of my free time to support the alumni organization as its Vice President as one small way to say “thank you” to the organization which gave so much to me earlier in my career. I will bring the energy and discipline of a marathon runner and creativity and thoughtfulness of corporate strategist to the role, and will seek to increase the number of alumni active within the alumni organization.

Adam King (MSS 2016)

About me:

  • MSS 2016
  • Class Representative during MSS
  • Space Systems Engineer at Planet Labs

Candidate Statement: One of my biggest passions in life is enabling others to learn, grow, and accomplish. I think this passion will serve me well as vice president of ISU-USA and hope to allow my other board members and myself to stay organized, stay engaged, and continue to affect the space community and community at large. One area I’d like to focus on (and have enjoyed focusing on since ISU) is outreach. By inspiring future generations, we can ensure passion for space grows and in turn, we can make the world a better place.

For more information: Adam on LinkedIn


Katelyn Christein (SSP 2018)

Hi! My name is Katelyn Christein and I am a recent alumna of the ISU SSP18 that was held in the Netherlands this past summer. As I’m sure you all know, it is a truly amazing, once in a lifetime experience and I am working on taking what I have learned in the program and incorporating that into my work, career, and life back in the states. For work I am employed as an Aerospace Engineer at NASA Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, OH. I started off my career here leading and working test programs in the Engine Research Building where we independently test all the different components of an aircraft engine. Now, I work more on the research side of the house where we do research, development, and testing of high temperature and hermetic seals both as part of basic research and for specific applications. When I’m not working, I have a number of hobbies and projects that keep me fairly busy. I am an avid soccer player and crossfitter both on the weeknights and the weekends. My husband and I are also fairly recent homeowners and have a number of house projects and renovations that, those of you who have ever done house projects know, are essentially never-ending. I also love training and am working towards agility work with my two black, standard poodles. Finally, I have a lifelong love of food, wine, and cocktails and am currently on a quest to make the perfect angel food cake.

My interest in the position of treasurer for the ISU-USA community is founded in my love of the ISU SSP experience and the SSP community. Even though the SSP18 program is now ended, I would like to continue being involved in this community. I have a strong desire to contribute to both keeping the community together and connected as well as raising awareness of the benefits of a SSP experience. Being a recent alumna, and made aware of the this ISU-USA community, I reasoned this would be a great way to get involved. Particularly, the position of treasurer would give me the opportunity to begin my involvement with the ISU-USA community, expose me to all that this community does, and provide an opportunity for me to contribute. Regarding my qualifications for this position, at a base level, I believe that I am qualified due to the daily demands of being an adult, to include paying mortgages, credit card bills, etc. In addition to these responsibilities I am also a Purchase Card holder at NASA, which means that I regularly purchase a variety of items and keep lots of records. I am also an SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) Phase I and Phase II COR where I monitor the performance metrics and release incremental funds to an awardee. So, in a nutshell, I believe that my desire to be involved in this community as well as my history of funds management makes me an excellent candidate for this position. Thank you for taking the time to read my statement!

Director of Communications


Director of Development

Gary Gilbert (MSM 2012)

I graduated from ISU in 2012 with the Masters in Space Management degree.

I am running for the position of Director of Development. I first learned about ISU by seeing a two page advertisement in a 1988 magazine issue. I was accepted to the class of 2001 but was unanle to obtain funding. I finally was able to attend in the fall of 2011 and want to become the Director of Development so I can contribute to helping more students attend ISU as well as helping graduates obtain job placements with companies in the Industry. The two page advertisement showed ISU on a space station. I WANT TO CONTRIBUTE TO THAT GOAL!!!

Hilda Palencia (SSP 2014)

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